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El Gran Robusto

“The flavor profile was fantastic, very smooth. The best way to describe this cigar is a mocha. It is creamy and has a nice cedar aroma. The mix of the different tobacco in this cigar has been blended perfectly. The burn was great even on a ridiculously windy afternoon.” -Ben’s Cigars – Unbiased Reviews
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“Flavors were predominantly a sweet woodiness, and in the second half, some spice came in……almost reminded me of the finish of a rich Oatmeal Stout Beer. The finish on the second 1/2 of the cigar was rich and lingering, and the strength built up during the second half as well.As noted, the second half seemed to burn slower. One thing I really like about this cigar, is that its “woody” flavor profile, to me, is NOT cedar……..and for me, that’s great. I’m not a big fan of heavy cedar profile cigars.The Don Lopez flavor profile is unique to me, have not smoked one like it. Very good cigar. Anxious to see how they are with some real rest.” -Sunny Cove Cigar Stories
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El Toro Torpedo

This review has been translated from Italian to English.

“I honestly do not know what I would find myself smoking but, without any hesitation, I can now say that I was positively surprised….When the cutter recido the pointed head and effetuo the first puffs raw intuit something, not so much for the notes of sweet spice and cocoa blatant, but for the amazing lavender essence that I perceive. Aesthetically it is a figurado perfectly formed, beautiful, dark, oily and beautifully made with a draft copy.
With my triple-flame in a moment I create a brazier perfect and now he enchants me with a thick smoke, spicy and creamy. As a good Nicaraguan pepper is sharp but not at the level to which they are accustomed. It is elegant in the background, a background marked by notes of wood on which predominate bilanciatissime sweet spices.
It proves to be very, very aromatic, sweet and medium-light. An aroma accompanied by a distinct creaminess, even a “buttery” that covers the palate and satisfies me. I perceive here and there hints of juniper, cherry and lavender, the same that I felt raw, and the set has its own charm. RATED 91″
-Facciamo Puff
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“Pre-light draw as a pretty good feel. I’m getting sweet cocoa, a light roast coffee, and a tiny hint of cashews. Beginning of the cigar- pretty good smoke output. I’m getting a lot of wood, medium roast coffee, and a nice mild spice in the retro-hale. End of the first third, ash just fell off. I’m getting cedar, nice toasted almonds, and green peppers on the retro-hale. Beginning of the final third, dried nuts and a toasted caramel. It’s got a bit of cocoa coming back in and a medium leathery finish. So should you smoke this? Performed well and it had a lot of good flavor. So I’m gonna go with YES.” -Should I Smoke This?
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“Overall a very consistent medium bodied cigar with subtle yet interesting changes during the smoke. Flavors were primarily sweet wood, with nuts early on, and a nice creaminess during the middle portion, and ending with a bit of strength and heavier tobacco notes. For experienced cigar smokers, this would be a great morning smoke with some coffee and a newspaper. For those who prefer mild cigars, or new cigar smokers, this might one one to try after dinner, and pair with a nice bourbon, or a sherry cask aged dark Scotch. Very nice cigar, can’t wait to smoke another one after its taken a long nap in my humidor.” -Sunny Cove Cigar Stories
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El Gran Emperador

“Prelight draw has a really good feel. All I’m getting is a faint cinammon spice. Beginnig of the cigar the smoke output is massive. I’m getting cedar and a cinammon spice with some nice white pepper on the retrohale…..There’s been a flavour shift towards tobacco with a dark roast coffee with a thick moiste leather finish. So should you smoke this? In the flavor department this was a very enjoyable smoke…Yes.” -Should I Smoke This?
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El Toro Habano (Discontinued)

“Burn time is slow and the line is perfect though, with the ash falling in a solid third chunk. Just a few minutes later still in the 2nd third at the 45 minute mark things improve! The draw opens ever so slightly, still snug – but smoke output rises and flavors completely change. On the draw its a sweet dried cherry and dark wood flavor, with the wood going oily and thick through the finish. The last third starts off by changing the flavors again, going to a smooth nut on the draw then adding a bright almost metallic nut through the finish. Ending at 1:25 where it started getting hot, the flavors continued to develop to a sweet sharp nuttiness with a very long finish.”
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