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Facciamo Puff – the online Italian magazine and reviewer has named the Don Lopez “El Toro” Torpedo the #23 Cigar of the Year for 2014. Rated 91 by Facciamo Puff, the El Toro has become a popular everyday smoke for a fraction of the price. Below is a fraction of the review offered by Facciamo Puff:

“I honestly do not know what I would find myself smoking but, without any hesitation, I can now say that I was positively surprised….When the cutter recido the pointed head and effetuo the first puffs raw intuit something, not so much for the notes of sweet spice and cocoa blatant, but for the amazing lavender essence that I perceive. Aesthetically it is a figurado perfectly formed, beautiful, dark, oily and beautifully made with a draft copy.
With my triple-flame in a moment I create a brazier perfect and now he enchants me with a thick smoke, spicy and creamy. As a good Nicaraguan pepper is sharp but not at the level to which they are accustomed. It is elegant in the background, a background marked by notes of wood on which predominate bilanciatissime sweet spices.
It proves to be very, very aromatic, sweet and medium-light. An aroma accompanied by a distinct creaminess, even a “buttery” that covers the palate and satisfies me. I perceive here and there hints of juniper, cherry and lavender, the same that I felt raw, and the set has its own charm. RATED 91″
-Facciamo Puff

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