Don Lopez in Paducah

Don Lopez Cigars President, Yunior Lopez (right) with Paducah Cigar Company owner, Joaquin Hilton (middle), and THECA cigar roller “El Guajiro” during the cigar rolling event at the 2014 BBQ in the River in Paducah, Kentucky.

The Company

Don Lopez Cigars is a brand of cigars established by Yunior “Don” Lopez with collaboration by the Tabacalera Hernandez Cantillo (THECA) and Miami based corporation, Lord of the Cigars. Based out of Miami, FL, the brand has become recognized for its unique cigar blends and superior quality.

In early 2013, Mr. “Don” Lopez, a well known professional classical musician, set out to create the Don Lopez brand. Having a vision is always a great beginning to success and Mr. Lopez had just that. His approach was straight to the point and it began with a fresh and minimalistic outlook to modern day cigars. Elegance, style, and simplicity is what it’s all about, and there’s no loud branding to disguise the quality. Triple caps, superb wrappers, and a clean cut look is only the beginning. At the THECA factory, which houses 32 rollers, all Don Lopez cigars are made by the top 4 rollers, and undergoes an extensive quality control test before being released from the factory.

Tracing his roots back to the famous factories of Cuba, Mr. Lopez is a cigar connoisseur devoted to his craft. Unlike most companies that mass produce, Don Lopez believes in the rule of quality over quantity. He’s made sure that only the top rollers at THECA handle the line and only a select number of cigars are made on a monthly basis. Mr. Lopez and Osvany Hernandez set out to create unique blends that provide unique smoking experiences. All Don Lopez cigars are made using the finest tobacco leafs from the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Mexico, Honduras, and Nicaragua. The current premium boxed line of Don Lopez Cigars – El Gran Robusto Maduro (5.5 x 54), El Toro Torpedo (6 x 52), El Gran Emperador Maduro (6 x 60), and El Gran Emperador Habano (6 x 60). In addition, Don Lopez produces a variety of bundle lines, which include traditional Salomones, Torpedos, Churchills, and more. In March 2014, THECA and “Don” began working on a new line of cigars entitled “Xiomara” to commemorate the 60th Birthday of Xiomara Fernandez (mother of Yunior Lopez), who spent years working as a tobacco picker in Havana, Cuba.

Meet the team

  • Yunior “Don” Lopez


    Mr. "Don" Lopez is the Founder and President of Don Lopez Cigars. Based out of Miami, FL, Mr. Lopez oversees all Don Lopez operations.

  • Lester Alvarez

    Head of Distribution and Wholesales

    Lester Alvarez is the Head Distributor and Wholesaler in the USA for Don Lopez Cigars and all other THECA products.

  • Omar Companioni

    Head of Sales and Cigar Events - Las Vegas, NV

    Mr. Companioni oversees West Coast sales and private events from the Don Lopez office in Las Vegas, NV.

  • John Lewis